Local Lib Dems desperate to find dirt

Clearly I'm recognised for my blogging, twittering and so on; and in my followers are a number of people from the opposition parties. This is great – it's always an opportunity for me to convince them that the Green Party has the best, the most sustainable and the most ethical policies.

So it was of great amusement to find the Lib Dem stooge in my Twitter list madly emailing last nights post "Just sped through Kintbury at 102 mph!" I assume without thinking about it, he went around madly telling anyone that would listen that "Adrian Hollister, Green Party representative admitting to outrageous speeding".

A bit too quick off the mark I think and with the realisation dawning on the Lib Dem crowd that this was on a train; they are now in a desperate spin cycle to turn it into a local speeding issue. How embarrassing for them and how embarrassing for their stooge – they were caught red handed digging for and spreading dirt that didn't actually exist.

Let's keep it simple stooges – try to win it on your policies.

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