Conservatives to put a brake on IT spend

The Guardian reports that Philip Hammond want's to kill of IT spend in government to save cash. "These include halting spending on new IT projects, and cancelling any underperforming contracts even if they are underway, as well as putting a brake on discretionary spending, clamping down on expenses, IT spending and similar areas."

This is the typical Tory bosh about saving money… they need to make vast number's of civil servant's redundant to make their figures work. If they also remove all of the IT systems that are automating the process of government they will need more people to keep the process running – either that or the few civil servants left will be working unsustainable hours keeping the wheels of government moving.

""George Osborne looking down his nose at you oiks, at a press conference on 29 March 2010. Photo: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

This to me just shows what the Tories are: they represent an era that is at and end; their morals are questionable (Ashcroft etc); and their idea's are out of date. If they get in it will send us all back to the stone age with policies that will leave us a poodle to the United States.

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