Hustings at Downe House School

It was a fascinating hustings today at Downe House School. The questions were very good, showing the diversity of background and depth of intellect in the audience. The interesting and different thing to me though was within the panel. Tory, Lib Dem, Labour and Green Party represented. It was interesting to see how three of the four on the panel, myself (Green), Labour and Lib Dems were all interested in discussing the issues directly, praising policies where appropriate even from other parties; but it was the Tory boy who alone attacked at every opportunity at least one of the other panel members. It's as though he had something to hide and by not answering the questions directly and providing a controversial and confrontational answer that somehow he was 'winning' points. I felt a little embarrassed for him at times as I don't think he realised that everyone else was talking 'co-operative politics' and he alone was in the old school of 'confrontational politics'.

To me this seems to sum up the Tory offering – old fashioned and perhaps even school bullies for whom self and wealth is more important than friends, community and well being.

So, Richard Benyon, I do hope that you have an opportunity to grow up; move out from your school boy ways; and perhaps learn to be a better and selfless person.

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