Heading for a Hung Parliament

As Tory policy starts to fall apart under scrutiny it's looking more and more like a hung parliament. It's easy to see why people are questioning the Conservative policies who's headlines seem to be to make the top 2% much richer and the rest of us have to pay the countries debt off. Not a great set of policies by any stretch of the imagination. I also can't help thinking if the latest Gordon personality bashing has been inspired by Tory spin doctors – doesn't sound like something New Labour would actually release at this time – their spin machine is just far too professional; but the reports of concessions the Conservatives have offered the Murdock news empire may explain their entry into print.

So now we just wait for the official release of an election date and see how things pan out. Adrian Hollister said "Let's hope it's possible to change the political system during the next parliament – from confrontational to co-operative; from unfair voting systems to a fair one."

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