Full reverse again from the confused Tory party

What is going on in David Cameron's head? After deciding to cut services heavily to save money (whilst of course giving tax benefits to the top 3,000 estate owners etc) – he has now decided that because that sales message was not going down too well with real people he would back track and change his mind. The Tory sales campaign is just so transparently inept it yet again shows how sleezy and cheap british politics have become. It's time for a change in our electoral system and it's time to end the existing 'old boys club' and 'ya boo' politics that we are suffering from in this country. The country has grown up why can't the political system?

I like a comment left on the Guardian's web site from zinoviev: "Dave knows that you can't fool all the people all the time. He's not attempting that. He's just going to fool everyone until May."

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