Royal Mail strikes – they should be allowed to compete

I can empathise with the frustration demonstrated by the striking Royal Mail postal workers. For too long the Conservatives and now New Labour have tried to introduce business competition to our national assets as an excuse to improve efficiency or introduce innovation. Royal Mail was caught up in this and had stifling competition rules imposed upon it. These rules were designed to disable Royal Mail's ability to fairly compete and have forced the business to contract.

I struggle to find an example where this competitive business model has actually benefited us directly. In many cases it is clear to see that the lining of shareholders pockets or directors bonus' takes precedence over the citizens of this country. The water companies have demonstrated this over and over again by skimping on investment. Banks have also demonstrated that the concept of competition in a market place can easily lead to corrupting and destabilising greed and inefficiency.

It is time the government recognised that the selling off of our national services to introduce competition is flawed and unworkable. It is time for the government to remove the competitive disadvantages imposed on Royal Mail. With these shackles off and with a positive Royal Mail management, there would be no need for our postal workers to be in dispute – for their jobs would be safe and their compensation and conditions could reflect those of any healthy business.

So I wish the postal workers the best. They are part of a great public service that could so easily be an exemplar for the rest of government.

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