School Run Speeding is just madness

Today I've got to rant – I'm just fed up with school run speeding. If I'm walking, cycling or driving with the kids all I get to see is mad school run parents driving at bonkers speeds. I see kids all the time flung around by panicing swerving and heavily breaking parents who are going too fast for the conditions.

If your late you should accept the fact that you are late.

Why put people, including your and our children in danger because you are attempting to make up a few seconds on your journey time?

Keep yourself at a sensible speed and please don't pose a risk to you, your family, me, my kids and anyone else. Better still, walk your short journey (yes that may mean you have to leave your house earlier), or start cycling it.

Personally, I'm for a 20mph blanket speed around any school and 20mph in all residential areas where the residents vote for it. I can also see the argument for a strong instant one week driving ban for anyone caught breaking that speed limit.

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