MP to read your letter or not – democracy lost Tory style

I was stunned today to hear that Richard Benyon doesn't read any of the letters we send in to him and bog standard replies are just sent out… at this Sundays farmers market in Newbury Richard Benyon spoke to our local Friends of the Earth campaigners. They were amazed to hear from him that he had heard nothing about the various early day motions (EDM's) that many of us (and a lot of FoE people) had written to him about. We all had letters back from him giving a standard party line – which in essence boils down to … 'tory's don't support any of this real green agenda stuff now go away.'

I do wonder what the heck Richard Benyon is actually doing? Daddies funds have pushed him up the Tory ranks, but he seems to have largely forgotten that he is here to represent his constituency and it's constituents. Talking with the stunned FoE activists today, Adrian Hollister said, "He is so full of his own self worth and clear snobby loathing for for anyone that actually has to work for a living that he doesn't even read our letters to him. Democracy is dead Tory old boy style."

I did send him a letter asking for confirmation, though I suspect some unelected drone will reply…

"Dear Richard Benyon,

I was amazed to hear at this Sundays farmers market in Newbury that you

were not aware of the letters sent to you by supporters of the Green

Party and Friends of the Earth, discussing various EDM's on Animal


We all received replies 'from you'.

I am greatly concerned that you are not reading the letters that are

being sent to you from your constituents and that we are just being

fobbed off by unelected members of your staff.

Can you confirm that you actually read the letter's sent to you;

reassure me that you are interested representing the views and opinions

of your constituents; and let me know if your signature embedded in an

email or letter is to be trusted as your true opinion and source?

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Hollister

West Berkshire Green Party"

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