Tick time

It's that time of year when the grass is full of tick's and your pets are going to catch them. So please check your dogs and cats once a week and remove them the best way you can. Check they come out whole, if not it's a trip to the vets to check the wound. I've gone over our cats and dogs today and only found one tick. They are seriously ugly things and difficult to kill (often they are difficult to crush for example) so my suggestion is take them out by pinching as low as you can to the skin with paper towel around them, check they are whole and wrap the paper up tight around it, set it in the middle of the bbq and …

Also of note, you can now buy non plastic bio degradeable dog poo bags – they are Skooperbox Dog Poop Scoop's. I've just tried a pack out and they work well. I was worried that on very wet days the whole thing would go soggy before I found a bin, but so far they seem quite resilient. Search on the web for them or try the Ethical Superstore.

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