Thunderstorms take out Downlands electricity

Something strange and rather interesting happened today. Some where around lunch time kids you could hear kids playing over the noise of the birds, bikes were spun up and you could hear people talking over fences and gates.

Our electricity supply is always slightly dodgy up here on the downs, ever time we get a serious thunderstorm or similar event our power goes out. We are high up here and I'm guessing that the electricity cables and poles around here are often the highest point and highly likely to take a lighting strike or two. Well we had one serious thunderstorm Friday here – lasting for several hours with lots of strikes taking out the power with spikes and brown outs. Since then the power has been on and off every few hours throughout the day and night.

A call to SSE Power Distribution (if you've and your neighbours have lost power call SSE on 0800 0727282 or 0845 7708090) confirmed to us that the power would be out for a good chunk of the day – lunchtime until 7pm.

How interesting it was to see people with a slight look of panic on their faces – there is no gas up here so the key source of energy is electricity. Life carried on as usual here, internet and computer powered by battery; cooking and kettle powered by camping gas; and the kids powered by sugar and cakes. It's amazing how we take energy security as a given and not something we need to strive for.

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