Newbury Carnival, Farmers Market and a great time

Spent most of the day in Newbury today, first off was our monthly Green Party meeting at the Farmers Market. It's great to see so many friends and discuss issues over coffee with them. This week Pam started to take down a few more signatures for our More Renewables in West Berkshire campaign – something initiated by the barmy rejection of any wind, solar, hydro or any other renewable energy system in Berkshire and specifically in the towns of Newbury, Hungerford and Thatcham. After an hour we had a good few pages of additional signatures and promoted the Green Party to all those that were interested. It's amazing the number of normally Liberal Democrat voters who told us that they had voted Green in the last elections and it's great to see the number of people who now recognise the faces Pam Cooper and Adrian Hollister. No wonder the Lib Dems are in a bit of a panic around here.

From 14:00 the Carnival went through the Newbury Town and the whole family got around to watch. It's great to see a real town carnival again, something that I can't remember seeing since my childhood. Apart from the odd very commercially orientated float and a bizarre small open topped car with what appeared to be the carnival queen in (??), most were just brilliant. Wouldn't it be great if all the schools attended in different floats (or shared floats). As a parent it looked to me that there are some great schools out there who went all our with effort and great skill – I've got to commend the head teachers who entered their schools – what a great way to show your school off to prospective parents and other jealous heads.

My pick of Newbury's farmer's market this month has to be Stark House Farms bacon. I know they have been recommended by me many times in the past, but my bacon sarnies tonight with a bit of UK sourced brown sauce were/are just wonderful wonderful wonderful.

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