Great day face painting in Lekhampstead

Quite a busy day today with lots of people around and an evening party, but the highlight was an afternoon face painting. This time of year I spend quite a bit of time face painting for charity. I have wondered if I should turn this into a business, but I much prefer doing it for fun whilst earning money for local charities. Lekhampstead fate is one of those great old style fates, wonderful people, loads of small stalls, and a great lack of serious commercialisation. The local people here in the Downlands are just great when you get to know them and there is nothing better than seeing the smiling faces (or scary faces) of kids freshly face painted. All the face painting at this event was by donation only and I made a nice £25 for charity – not bad for a couple of hours fun painting kids faces!

The location for the fate was in the grounds of the big house in Lekhampstead and organised by the owners, the Carr's family. Is there a more idyllic location up here on the Berkshire downs? I'm not sure, but I do know that it's a shame that this appears to be the last Lekhampstead fate. I do hope that can revive it for 2010, I would certainly be happy to come along again.

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