One third of us voted in West Berkshire

Well the Green’s have not done badly in West Berkshire – 77% more votes in 2009 this despite a very low turn out of just 37%.

We secured 4619 votes, which is close to the UKIP 6126 and Lib Dem 7167 votes. Tory old boys took 18336 votes. Labour were of course in fifth place behind us again.

Top five in order were:

Tory Old Boys Party 18336 (up 20%)

Lid Dem wannabe like you Tory’s Party 7167 (down 17%)

The only got one policy UKIP Party 6126 (up 3%)

Pro communities Green Party 4619 (up 77%)

Spent and wanting New Labour Party 2011 (down 37%)

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