A polling day at Newbury train station

I've spent the best part of the afternoon at Newbury train station. An odd choice perhaps for an election day, but I have been chatting and leafleting people on the way back from their daily commute. A good deal of the people who stopped to talk were just not going to vote – "it's a waste of time all politicians are corrupt" is the message they relay. When they hear that I'm Adrian Hollister and I'm from the Green Party and I'm going to contest the General Election here and the council elections – they stop and smile. The grumpy face that greets most politicians at the moment (especially the poor ole Lib Dem chap I saw the other day taking a good verbal beating from anyone the came close to him) was not present. People like conviction politicians, especially ones who have put other peoples interests in front of their own; and Green Party politicians are seen as the most ethical and the least corruptible of any political group. They are right – we do what we do for the betterment of our society, not for personal gain and not for glory or fame. Tory's and Lib Dem's should note this – it is their biggest liability (as their leaders have recognised).

I went to my local polling station at just before 10pm to cast my vote. It was clear that very few people had been there, with the polling clerks estimating less than 10%. Whilst this does not include postal votes (something that is usually quite high in very rural areas) it is perhaps an indication on the numbers of people put off by the corrupt Tory, Lib Dem and Labour members of parliament. I can only hope that by the next election faith has been restored in the political system and that people vote to take down the old Gentleman's clubs in Whitehall and remove the cheers and jeers politics that goes with it.

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