Ever changing Richard Benyon now likes Wind Turbines

Rich Tory old boy Richard Benyon has decided that now is a good time to appear green. Green at the gills perhaps, but anyway, he is now (following a long period of negative or no comments) decided that he is in favour of Wind Farms and Wind Turbines.

Adrian Hollister said, "I notice that in Newbury Weekly News 21st May 09 Richard Benyon is now in favour of Wind Turbines after being a parliamentary sceptic(1). It's all good being in favour of Wind Turbines but I can't help wondering, given the size of Richard Benyon's estate, how many Wind Turbines he has?"

The landed gentry eh – they are in a different world to the rest of us (at least in mind if not body).

Now if he was serious, he would do what I suggest here: tell the American's it's time to leave RAF Welford and use it's high flat ground (next to the Motorway) for a wind farm. The position is not overlooked (except perhaps a golf course and a handful of residents who I'm sure would be happy seeing all those dangerous munitions go); it's a brown field site; and there is good motorway access for construction and maintenance vehicles.

Mind you if Richard Benyon kicked out the American's from one base it would seriously damage his love of weapons exporting and his beloved DESO (2) then what would he have to talk about in Parliament?


1. typical example – http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200708/cmpublic/planning/080122/am/80122s01.htm#08012280000167 – where he doubts the countries ability to get it done.

2. http://www.theyworkforyou.com/search/?s=DESO&pid=11727 – pages of the stuff here.

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