DB Schenker’s greed & lost community spirit

In support of the residents of Theale who have had their driveway access blocked by road barriers installed by the DB Schenker, I have sent emails and letters to company executives calling for them to reconsider their actions.

“From: Adrian Hollister

To: Heller, Keith

Cc: Meiklejohn, Graham

Sent: Tue May 19 10:48:42 2009

Subject: Garage Dispute in Theale

Sir, I am greatly disappointed to read in Newbury Today that you have 
decided to block access to the garages of homes in Theale.  Whilst 
your business is a valued part of our community, each business has a 
responsibility towards our community too.  The amount of monies 
involved, the cost of recovery and the bad press you are rightly 
receiving over the issue must far outweigh your need to take profit 
from one or two members of the community.

I urge you to reconsider the blocking of access to these properties 
and to consider allowing free access as part of DB Schenker's give 
back to the residents of this community.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Hollister

Parliamentary Candidate

West Berkshire Green Party

email: adrian@westberksgreens.org.uk 

website: http://www.westberksgreens.org.uk”

Looking to email them directly? Try keith.heller @ dbschenker.com and graham.meiklejohn @ dbschenker.com (take the spaces out from around the @ sign)

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