Poll Puts the Green Party Four Points Ahead of the Lib Dems in the South East.

With the European elections just over a fortnight away, a ComRes poll has put the Green Party in the South East in third place with 16% of the vote, four points clear of the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives and Labour are in first and second place with UKIP trailing behind the Greens with 15%.

Meanwhile a YouGov poll released tomorrow (Monday 18 May) found 34% of respondents said they would either definitely be voting Green or would consider voting Green. This is the highest percentage ever to indicate potential support for the Greens.

Interestingly, the largest group who would consider switching were LibDem voters. It's far more common for the Greens to attract former Labour voters, who were the second largest group considering switching. Also interesting was the fact that around one-fifth of those considering switching were Conservative voters – the group normally the least likely to switch to Green.

Adrian Hollister said, "We find the same here in West Berkshire, many of our new people are ex-Liberal Democrat voters. Most are just confused and angry about their confused policies and their involvement in the expenses scandal." If you would like to know more about the Green Party in West Berkshire please see our web site www.westberksgreens.org.uk – you can find my contact details there. We also have a first Sunday coffee and market day in Newbury where we meet up with family and friends in one of the cafe's near the farmers market – your welcome to come along and have a chat.

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