Vote clean vote Green

I stole the title here from members of Reading's ever increasing Green Party, but the point is the same. The Telegraph's revelations about MP's expenses must be an utter embarrassment for what are often wealthy Conservative, trade union funded Labour and should know better (perhaps) Lib Dem members of parliament. Is it a surprise that MP's have been making vast amount of money selling their second homes as their policies boost house prices? Is it a surprise that New Labour and Liberal Democrats behave in the way we would traditionally associate with the fat cat Tories? I don't think so. Politics has become so grey, with all three of the main parties looking Tory, walking Tory and talking Tory. We have what seems to be three main parties stinking of greed.

What happened to the honest politician? What happened to the conviction politicians? Did Maggie convert them all to wannabe Tories?

So what about the Greens then? Has there ever been a Green Party politician (and there are many councillors, MEP's and London Council members) accused of financial irregularity or abuse of power? No. There never has – why would there be? We all try to do what is best for society, best for our communities and best for our future. We are not motivated by the greed that has corrupted other parties.

If you want a clean parliament, then vote clean, vote Green.

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