Six figure salaries at West Berkshire Council

Laughing all the way to the bank with our money.

Adrian Hollister said, "How in the time of such recession is the Council able to justify the cost of £100K+ for three Council Officers? There are plenty of people out there unemployed, give them or their colleagues within the Council a chance at the role with a realistic salary.

If these Council Officers are, as the Conservative 'executive' member Anthony Stansfeld says, lower paid than our neighbouring authorities then they should be able to find another job at the drop of a hat.

If as I suspect, they are all overpaid, then a correction in their salary in line with the performance of West Berkshire and the recession in the Country is due. Perhaps we could use their excessive salaries to fund the sixth form schools shortfall introduced by New Labour?"

Reference: Newbury Today's article 'Three council officers earn six figure salaries'

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