Police Thugs kill at G20

Adrian Hollister notes the Green Party article that highlights to him an ever more violent Police force and comments: "At the G20 a man who was unarmed, caused no threat and was walking away from the Police with his hands in his pockets died after an assault by the Police. He was hit in back of his legs with a baton designed to collapse his legs and he was pushed over onto his face at the same time. This was is designed to have only one result – pain and injury. Why would the Police look to inflict injury on the people they are here to protect? If thugs had assaulted me in the street this way I would expect justice. This disgusting act must be subject to a criminal inquiry and the whole culture of increasing Police brutality must be stamped out."


Adrian Windisch puts a far more diplomatic description of events on his blog and has a great letter you can send to your MP using www.writetothem.com – you can find his blog entry here.

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