5.14 million DNA kept by state

Over 5 million people have had their DNA stored on file by the state. The European court has already ruled that the database is illegal as it keeps details of those who have volunteered to have their DNA taken (despite the police saying that they would not keep it), and those who were not prosecuted or were found innocent. These people have no right of appeal to have their details removed and no right to even ask if their details are held at best you can write to your local police Chief Constable and hope they do something.

Adrian Hollister said, "The EU ruled last year on this issue and I have no idea why the UK Government is so slow acting upon their responsibilities. The Governments record on keeping information and data secure is terrible so to keep this information without adequate control, supervision and guidelines is open to significant abuse. This has clearly been demonstrated by the difference in policies between different police forces. This led to the development of 'keep everything' policies regardless of convictions or criminal status. The UK need to stop now and plan how this information is to be used, stored and monitored to ensure that there is an appropriate level of crime detection, privacy and human rights."

If you are affected by this issue you can write to your local MP or additional help can be gained from the GeneWatch group.

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