Microsoft Windows Only for DEFRA’s muddled web site

How darn annoying is it when you log into a web site, register yourself and then get told that you have to be using Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Explorer. I know that Defra are not known for their top end IT but they are certainly not know for IT failures, except IMHO this one. Why do I have to buy a copy of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Explorer just to use their web site?

If you keep current on this blog you'll know that Adrian Hollister's chicken hotel is in business and wonderful girls they are too. You don't have to register that you keep chickens with DEFRA, but given the recent bird flu scares and other things I think it's a good idea too. It not only allows DEFRA to contact you, but helps them plot and plan the potential impact these type of diseases could have. So I've headed over to the DEFRA web site and after a lot of scrabbling around (I've no idea who put this site together, but user friendly did not come into it) I found the right link to register that your a keeper of poultry (for reference and I suggest you book mark it, you can find it here).

You can register there and link your poultry stocks to you online. Sounds great eh? Yes, but only if your running Microsoft's Windows apparently. I have Mac's and Linux machines and I see no need to pay Microsoft to use the online facilities of our government – especially when I'm doing them a favour by registering. I tried using Firefox and Safari and a whole bunch of other browsers, but for sure it's Microsoft only on their site.

What a let down and what a waste of time. I had to go down to the library to register. Madness eh.

After all the struggle and pain, I do still recommend that everyone register that they are keeping poultry with DEFRA using the link above.

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