Put People First March in London

Pam Cooper wrote, “Went up to London for today's march, there is a very wide range of organisations represented up there from Trade Unions to the Salvation Army, Save the Children and Greenpeace, bands, drummers and loads of individuals and small groups all with our messages, all very friendly and good natured.

“I joined group of Greens from London and Reading. it was good to see so many green flags and placard. When I got home I was surprised at great cover on the TV of a 'peaceful' march.

“The message of the day that, was people whet a green agenda a 'green new deal' we must get out there and campaign to get more Green s elected so they don't end up with just more green wash from the main parties. What we get from the G20 we just have to wait and see, but I hope it not more the same old policies that got us in this mess in the first place.”

The Reading Green party lot have a great article and pictures which can be found here.


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