Caroline Lucas points out Labour Madness

It's about time that someone finally brought the Labour green fantasy back down to earth. Caroline Lucas is reported to be opening the Green Party summer conference with a New Labour reality check..

Adrian Hollister's thoughts:

"For me, the green summary of each of the main parties would be:

Conservative: They pretend to care about you and your families, but actually only support big business and the rich. Those who do not fit their 'big n rich' policies always find themselves loosing out – either school cuts, cuts to the fabric of our society or just general disregard for the welfare of us all. The green washing of the tories is the best out there – funded by huge donations from… you guessed it the big n rich. The Tory's best skill is in making you think that you could be part of their club, which of course would be impossible unless you went to Eton, owned huge estates or similar. To be clear I feel sorry for Cameron pretending to be something he is not – cycling to work (with car's in tow) is an example – he is of course yet another Tory toff reaching out to the middle classes for their support. To follow him would be to look back 25 years.

Lib Dems: Always jumping from band wagon to band wagon, the Lib Dems just always seem to make their jumps too late and always appear to be behind in policies and in practice. The Lib Dem's promise improvements in our social make up, but actually just want to look after Mr and Mrs Middle Class. Their green credentials could be good, but they spend most of their time bickering with the other parties and never actually doing anything. Could you entrust the Lib Dem's to make a better society, a more sustainable society, one that's better for our children and grandchildren? IMHO No – they are just too muddled and would never drive anything forward.

New Labour: Such potential for social reform, for greening of the economy and for using the current financial crisis as a method of removing the UK from a dependence on externally sourced energy supplies. Somehow though the time they have had just seems to have been squandered. Many of the New Labour MP's increasingly vote for greening issues, but they are beaten down by the opposition from the Tory's and the 'core' New Labour MP's (let alone their whip). The increase in desperation from the New Labour back bencher's and increase in signs of dissent especially on green issues shows the New Labour has run it's course and the green agenda of New Labour has come undone. New Labour are by a long way the greenest of the three main parties, but they are just such as long way away from reality and where we need to be it scares me. How could we let our country fall so far behind?"

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