Tory’s approve new nuclear weapons plant

Adrian Hollister wrote, "

Dear Sir,

Am I the only one who find's that the quick fire and ill thought out planning approval given by the Conservative West Berkshire Council to the creation of a new nuclear weapons plant in Aldermaston on a flood plane is a terrible decision? The Conservative's clearly think that you don't count – nearly 1000 of us wrote letters of objection and yet we were ignored; the Lib Dem's just seem resigned to the fact that the Tory's can have their way; and owner's of AWE seem to think that they have a right to do what they like. I really don't like the thought of my children and their children growing up with this legacy and I can't even imagine what would happen should the area flood (though I'm guessing anything downstream of Aldermaston would not be a great place to live if it did).

Adrian Hollister

West Berkshire Green Party"

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