Tories are all in a muddle

re: the bbc's story about the Tories latest change of heart.

Adrian Hollister is annoyed with the latest Tory tosh. If you read the bbc's article on the latest Tory statement it makes great comic reading and just shows how much the Tories are prepared to make it up to grab a headline or two. Take a couple of snippits for example…

"Mr Cameron says he would scrap taxes on basic rate taxpayers' savings and would increase the level of non-taxable income for pensioners by £2,000 a year." For this read: The Tories want to ensure that all retired people vote Tory. This is perhaps in keeping with the demographics of the Tory party – being mostly retired and stuck firmly in the past.

"The Tories have said the tax cuts will be fully funded, paid for by lower public spending." For this read: We want to take away public services – perhaps bus services, health services, social services – who knows, but it will be something. Remember what happened under Margaret Thatcher – "she made us financially richer but socially poorer". Something that as a society we are still paying for today.

Then some classic Tory tosh…

"Our vision is a good future is of a less materialistic country" – err your the globalisation and consumerism party are you not?

"a contributor society not a consumer society" – I don't see the rich kids in the Tory party giving away their time and money to society do you? I wonder if they think this only applies to the 'common people'?

"Mr Cameron also announced plans for a review of broadband services" – review all you like, how about taking actions?

The last word goes to Yvette Cooper, chief secretary to the Treasury, who summaries it well:

"David Cameron talks about the 1970s. The truth is the Conservatives are returning to the worst of Thatcherism in the early eighties with no support for jobs or the economy and cuts in public services as well."

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