Cracks in my 300TDI Cylinder Head

With Adrian Hollister's stubborn 'it's better to reuse' mentality – I've been trying to keep my old 13 year old Landy on the road. This month it's been drinking water and producing vast quantities of white smoke (well steam) out the back. Most likely the head gasket, so whipping the head off and replacing is the way to go. On route I found a couple of cracks in the head just under the glow plug, I'm no mechanic but I'm guessing that this is not normal…

Discovery 300TDI cracks in the Cylinder Head just under the glow plugs

Click on picture for a better view. Gonna fit a few gasket etc to see if it sorts the problem, if not I guess I need to look for a recon head ":-("

Discovery 300TDI Cylinder Head
300TDI Cylinder 2 with crack
300TDI Cylinder 3 with crack
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