Fuel Duty Protest by the Lorry Drivers

The price of fuel is reflecting a resource that is dwindling and controlled by states that could be considered a threat to the US and US allies. So in some respects I can understand the recent protests by the Lorry Drivers about the cost of fuel, but perhaps not for the reasons that they are protesting. My concerns are not that their businesses are under threat (because actually if they thought about it there are other ways of working and other methods of transport available to them), but that UK lorry drivers are put at a disadvantage against the foreign competition because of our high cost of fuel.

I would like to see a level playing field for all lorry drivers in the UK. Perhaps a system where the fuel duty is change to a road toll fee would be more appropriate. The road toll fee would be added to the price of fuel in the UK and all non-UK resident drivers would also be required to pay this fee no matter where they filled up. Non UK drivers would have to declare entry to the UK and exit from the UK mileage and charged an appropriate level. Personally I would also like to see all inbound lorries weighed and visually inspected to ensure they meet the UK road limitations and requirements.

Perhaps then importers may consider using more rail freight, sea freight and reuse the canal networks?

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