STOP RECYCLING – West Berks can’t cope with it !?

Staggering this county – West Berks Council continue to amaze me. I've worked hard here to get my main waste bin into a position of being about half full weekly with the rest doing to recycle or compost. My two small baskets for tins and bottles overflow. I have a nice can and tin crusher that puts everything to a much smaller size but with cat food, dog food, human food the odd drinks can and a few glass bottles I can easily exceed two of these small bins. West Berks won't take anything that's not in the bins, so the options are clear: compact it more or get more bins. Simple?

a. Compact the waste. Packing the bins tightly seems to push the weight too high and they don't collect them – really they just leave them at the side of the road! So this is not actually an option as it makes the problem worse.

b. Get more bins. West Berks told me that they were not going to let people have more than two bins for recycling. I was told to keep it for next week's collection or take it to my local recycling facility (which is not local it's 30 mins drive away!). The lady on the phone from West Berks Council was clearly unimpressed that my main household waste had gone down and my recycling had gone up. Clearly I don't quite fit the West Berks Council's stereotype of an average citizen.

So are they suggesting I stockpile recycling until it's viable to fill a car to the brim to take it to the recycling center or are they suggesting that I just put recyclable materials in my general purpose bin and let it head to landfill?

Clearly here West Berkshire Council are just green washing… i.e. they are doing as little as they can get away with whilst still appearing to have a green tinge.

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