Turn the Lights Off at Night Newbury

I've been interested in the question of street and shop lighting for some time and I've never quite got to grips with why people and businesses seem compelled to leave the lights on all night.

I'm in the lucky position of being north of Newbury in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Our village and the surrounding villages have no street lights. Everyone who is going to be out at night carries a torch, even visitors learn quickly that a torch helps them back to their car. We look up and see a blackish sky, but we can easily see the yellow glow of Newbury, Reading etc.

Driving around the towns you see offices, shops and even houses leaving on lights when they are not in. It would be very interesting to see if one of the smaller towns such as Newbury could enforce or persuade local businesses to turn the lights off at night. Perhaps an incentive around the business rates would interest them? It would also be very interesting to see if people who are used to street lights could survive again with few or no street lights on a night. Is safety really the concern or just fear of the dark?

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