Tories turn down Wind Turbine in West Berks

Surprise surprise, the Tories and Lib Dems voted with their parties and in objection to one another for yet another issue. This time they are turning down a wind turbine in the downlands area near Membury. The area is famed for it's thick motorway fog, service station and huge telecommunication tower but actually the area has stunning outstanding natural beauty. The tories voted to turn down permission for it to be built, partly as they were worried that are rare Red Kite's may fly into the turbine. Of course they are much more likely to be fried on the telecomms tower or mown down by the American helicopters flying into RAF Welford at what seems like 10 feet above the trees and as close to the occupied natives as possible.

How can anybody think that the Tories are in any way green? they are far too busy bickering with the lib dems to worry about our society, our environment and our future; and our good ole Tory MP Richard Benyon is just far too worried about the Defence Export Services Organisation (it's just about the only thing is speaks and campaigns upon).

Madness. I would like to see a quick and non-political planning process for alternative energies and sustainable developments in our region.

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