Greenie with a Land Rover

Oh how completely mad it seems, but yes, I've sold the car and got a landy. A 12 year old Land Rover Discovery. So what on earth is Adrian Hollister, a green bigot, doing with a diesel drinking pollution monster? Ok here is my rationale….

1. Re-use. The Landy is old – 12 years old. More than my old car would have made (before falling apart). So in my mind it's a question of re-using something that can be readily repaired. Most car's now are disposable – they last 5-10 years before they are scrapped and crushed. Very few Land Rovers get to the crusher, most are kept on the road and for this alone I think it would be worth a greener credential.

2. Alternative Fuels. Very few other car's adapt so well to running on other fuel types. The Disco can easily be converted to run on straight veggie oil (SVO), but is just as happy with bio-diesel's.

3. Need. Unlike most we do have a couple of acres of land and access is via a mud track. Not much else would get there so easily and not much else would be able to carry so much equipment up there.

4. Community. There is a great Land Rover community out there. Mechanics are local, garages are local, the business and the knowledge is spread from local communities to the world via forums and events. There is a great spirit of community in the Landy world.

Am I serious though? Attributing green credentials to a Land Rover?

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