104 votes for the Green Party

Well the votes are in and I got 104 vote! Hoorah, not a bad start! Many thanks to all those that voted Green this time around, and many thanks for all those that I spoke to whilst walking around our villages. I'm sure I was the only real candidate walking all the streets as no one I had spoken to had seen tory old boy. Anyway, My daughters enjoyed walking with me and met some great kids (and some rather cute pets). Thanks to those that wanted to chat, it was very good to hear your points of views. It does annoy me though that all that opinion, interest and innovative ideas are lost on our tory old boy who isn't even listening.

You can see the results here.

But for a summary, here we go:

  • Tory Old Boy (George Chandler) 826 votes.
  • Protest against the Tory but just about as Tory party (Paul Walter) 160 votes.
  • Vote environment, vote society party (Adrian Hollister) 104 votes.
  • No chance, but it was fun party (Yogi Johnson) 77 votes.
  • With a chap called Spoilt Ballots gaining just 5 votes ";-)"

That's 1172 votes this time around. About hundred or so extra voters this time around – come to mention it, it's just about the number of votes I had. The majority of people still don't vote. Perhaps they don't vote because the Tory/Lib dem combo just isn't right for them. Image how many more would have voted if they knew there was a choice and were inspired to go out there and vote. Next time I'll have more time to prepare, so watch out Tory Boy – your marketing budget won't save you.

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