West Berks District Council Elections – 3rd May 2007

The West Berks District Council election is being held on the 3rd of May 2007. Standing this time around are four candidates standing for the Downlands Ward which are (in alphabetical order):

  • George Chandler (Tory Old Boy/Toff)
  • Adrian Hollister (Green Party – see right – hoorah etc)
  • Yogi Johnston (Labour hopeful)
  • Paul Walter (Lib Dem wannabe)

Clearly I know who I’ll be voting for here. Seriously though, it’s the best turn out for the green party in the district council elections in west berks, and it’s about time too. The tory’s and lib dem’s seem to have allowed local government to stagnate as they fight it out for the middle ground. It would be good to see a real positive policy change to support the people in west berks and to provide them with affordable, environmentally sound and socially beneficial services and facilities.

Turn out for local elections (and general elections) seems to be a problem these days. George Chandler (tory old boy) spoke to me the other day about how good the turn out was in our area. Of course he is nursing his 1 in 4 people voted for him ‘majority’. How embarrassing it must be for him to say he represent’s only 25% or so of the downlands community. These old boy’s need to realise that one in four people voting for you (just about what he got last time around) is not a vote of confidence, but a vote showing the lack of confidence in the governance of the main parties, their lack of vision, commitment to the community, and ability to deliver. Tis about time for a real change.

Picture thanks to Tim from look photo.

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