Dog Proof Fedge

Well the fedge has been planted today. Willow, between 2 and 3 rows deep. To make it dog proof I’ve added a wire fence (provided as leftovers from a local farm) nailed to a few wooden posts and a gate from Scat’s in Newbury. The posts are not straight, but it’s dog proof and when the Willow starts to take it should hide the posts just nicely.
It’s already created a nice screen bordering off the upper half of the garden from the rest. The neighbours were also very curios as to why I put lots of dead sticks in the ground. In the few weeks it's been in the ground we have had quite a bit of green leaf growth and it's already looking very good (see second picture below).
Lastly, we have used up some of the spare in a bit of a dead space to create a bit of shelter from the sun. It's a south facing line, so we are going to let these grow a bit in height. The dog has access to dig up and eat these if she wished, but seems not too interested. She has bent a few down by sitting/sleeping on them though.

Dog proof fedge and wire fence combo.  The bricks and wood are to deter the dog from digging under the wire, but once the willow has established it should be find anyway.

From 'dead' brown sticks to green shoots and leaves in just three weeks of willow growth.

This is the basic structure we have used, three rows of Willow.  It's dense on this picture as this is the area the dog can dig and eat is she wishes, and we assumed that we would loose a lot of it.  Apart from a few battle scars, the Willow seems to have come out of it unharmed by the dog.

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