The Great Purge

To fit with our new lifestyle most of our old possessions have to go. There are two key reasons for this: to maintain the ‘only what we need’ principal, and to get rid of our external storage. Most of our possession’s are now in from storage and there is a general Christmas feeling in the house when boxes, that have been in storage for over a year, are opened. It’s amazing how much you miss stuff that you’d forgotten about. Our DVD collection for example extends to at least 20 DVD’s (ohh wow), all of which have been in storage. Once out of the box the girls cant remember how they survived without them (well almost). We’ve played tug of war with the girls over daft DVD’s they are not really interested so that we can get them on ebay.

Some our stuff is just not ebay material, and while car boots can generate some cash, in my experience the only people making money are the people on the gates collecting the entrances free. We are however doing a lot of ‘freecycle’. It’s one of those, give it away free to the first person that turns up, sites that run’s mainly via email updates. Our old fridge went in about an hour, and a load of old kids books went in 10 mins to a grandmother who wanted something for her grandkids. It’s a great idea and beats putting it in the waste or attempting to give it to a charity shop (who are increasingly picky about what they take!).

The purge ratio this week is about 5:1 – five items to ebay etc to one keep. No bad I think, but I reckon there is a second
round where some of the retained items can go….

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