Kitchen Worktops – rubberwood?

Things are progressing quickly with the Kitchen. The rubberwood worktops are being installed in the kitchen and this somehow seems to have made the kitchen look complete. It’s a shame that the worktops have been sat in the transit for over a month as they have slightly warped. Thankfully our chippy (well the old man) is more than a match for warped wood.
Damn hard stuff this rubberwood – it’s eaten three router bits and a bunch of jigsaw blades. The router bits can be re-sharpened, but the jigsaw blades seem to be designed to be dropped in a landfil of after use (as there seem to be no recycling marks on the packaging, nor on the blades). Still, I’ve put the blades in the re-cycling.
If anyone is interested, the carpentry work has been undertaken by Gerald Hollister. You can find his web site here: Gerald Hollister's web site.

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