Rennovation planning

We still have no house to buy, but I have plans. Many of them. Too

many. But here is my target for the house fabric/infrastructure


  • Environmentally sensative rennovation
  • Sustainable technologies
  • A working family home
  • A working family garden with veggie patch (have I been watching too much ‘Good Life’ – go flick go)

I’ve done a good study of technology available, so here is what I’m looking at:

  • Wood Pellet stove/boiler for central heating/hot water
  • Ground floor underfloor heating (most likely Osma)
  • Thermal Store
  • Solar water heating for central heating and hot water
  • PV to cover base load
  • Ground floor wooden flooring (clean, warm, ‘bounce’, renewable source)
  • 1st floor carpets with sound proofing felt/rubber crumb underlay

    (which seems to contain quite a high amount of recycled products)

  • Very high levels of insulation (perhaps warm roof)

Want to say something interesting?